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revive weight loss manAGEMENT & HEALTH

Losing weight can be difficult. Gain confidence from our specialists and feel supported - always.

1:1 Lifestyle Coaching

You don't have to tackle weight loss alone. Get the motivation, advice and accountability to guide you every step of the way from our certified coaches.

Training, At Home or On-the-Go

Your program should be accessible wherever you go. You can train anytime, anywhere, with instant access to hundreds of fitness and nutrition videos.

More Than Diet and Exercise

Sometimes diet and exercise aren't enough, and that's okay. With access to doctor-prescribed medications, including but not exclusive to GLP-1s, you can get the additional support you need to reach your weight loss goals.

Expert Design and Guidance

Experience transformative weight loss. Receive personalized support, evidence-based recommendations and behavioral interventions from a dedicated, certified weight loss physician.

Connect with a like-minded Community

Weight loss is easier when you're not alone. Share tips, celebrate success and find encouragement every step of the way with like-minded peers.

Change That Lasts a Lifetime

Our program isn't about deprivation—it's about empowerment. With our innovative approach, we don't just focus on numbers on a scale; we're dedicated to instilling sustainable behavior change.

Revive member satisfaction score
lost per month on average
Type-2 diabetes reversal
HBA1C improvement in 3 months

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