about revive

Our journey is destined to create the most empowered healthcare on Earth.

Revive is more than a healthcare company; it's a revolution.

We exist to disrupt the status-quo of healthcare, to reimagine its very essence. Traditional healthcare has become predictable, encumbered by its own complexities leaving you the patient.

We envision something transformative—a seamless, integrated ecosystem that supports your health and self-care whenever and wherever it's needed, free from obscure terms and unjustifiable costs. We exist to elevate both patient and provider experiences, making healthcare fundamentally better.

This is our mission. This is Revive.


In 2008, SwiftMD is founded by a Physician group, and begins delivering telemedicine to the market.


Revive launches its whole person care model: physical care, mental health care, and pharmacy solutions.


Revive integrates ManifestRx, SwiftMD, iSelectMD.
Revive joins forces with EIR Partners.


Revive grows whole person care by over 70%.


BHS, a premier mental health performance company, joins the Revive alliance.
Second pharmacy joins the Revive alliance.

A close up of a CEO of revive, Eric Leaver, wearing a suit and smiling.
Eric Leaver, CEO | Revive Healthcare

America is facing a crisis in healthcare, and it's accelerating. The U.S. is projected to experience a national physician shortfall of over 100,000 within the next decade. This isn't just a statistic; it's a stark warning that we're on the brink of a major healthcare disruption.  

A shortfall of this magnitude means longer wait times, fewer specialists and more stress on an already stretched system. It's a scenario where patient care takes a back seat to limited resources, getting an appointment becomes nearly impossible, and critical treatments are delayed because there aren't enough doctors.  

The future of healthcare requires bold solutions. That's why Revive is reimagining how people access medical care, bridging the gap between patients and doctors through technology. We're not just talking about shorter wait times; we're creating a healthcare experience that's efficient, accessible and built for a future where every minute counts.

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