May 26, 2024
August 10, 2022

ReviveHealth Acquires iSelectMD

ReviveHealth™, Inc. has acquired iSelectMD, a digital health technology and virtual urgent care services provider, expanding its offerings and subscriber base to over 500,000 members nationwide. This aligns with ReviveHealth's mission to provide high-quality care at a lower cost, introducing Health Assurance, a new subscription-driven category of whole-person care.

Jacksonville, Fla., August 10, 2022 – ReviveHealth™, Inc. has acquired iSelectMD, an innovative digital health technology and virtual urgent care services company. This growth and market expansion represent another advancement in ReviveHealth's drive to become a preeminent leader in digital health whole-person care. This strategic investment, along with the recent acquisition of ManifestRx, enables ReviveHealth to offer a sound, more contemporary approach to the traditional healthcare delivery system by offering a broader suite of customizable virtual urgent/primary/mental health/pharmacy care solutions at a benefit level and price point previously unavailable in the marketplace.

"Adding iSelect's infrastructure and provider network to the transformative ReviveHealth virtual care platform expands our subscriber base to over 500,000 members nationally," said ReviveHealth, Inc. CEO Jeff Bernhard. "For over a decade, the iSelectMD brand has become recognized for providing quality urgent and acute virtual care to members with the highest level of consumer satisfaction scores. We are excited to bring iSelectMD into the ReviveHealth™ portfolio as we pursue our shared vision of providing access to an exceptional quality of care at the lowest cost in the market."

"Over the past 13 years, iSelectMD™ has experienced incredible growth," iSelectMD President Michael P. Iaquinta said. "The iSelect mission has always been to provide affordable, accessible virtual urgent and acute care to those that need it or are without it while minimizing their cost. Our team could not be more motivated and excited to be joining the ReviveHealth™ portfolio of innovative companies."

ReviveHealth is on a relentless mission to transform the traditional healthcare system filled with friction and inefficiencies by ushering in the era of Health Assurance, an entirely new subscription-driven category of whole-person care and well-being, at a time when employers, employees, and millions of consumers across America need it most.


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About ReviveHealth

Revive is driving the Virtual First healthcare revolution, building the first comprehensive, fully integrated virtual healthcare ecosystem: physicians, nurses, counselors, pharmacists, and medications. Revive’s concierge virtual care is available through employers, universities, and associations as a health benefit. Employees and members receive care and medications free of charge, without deductibles or copayments. Learn more at

About iSelectMD

iSelectMD provides an affordable, high-value benefit that reduces healthcare costs and allows quick access to doctors and prescriptions anytime, anywhere -24 hours a day. The simple mobile application gives each member a customized experience with a physician.

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