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What is ReviveHealth?

We facilitate rapid and easy access to affordable, quality care and prescription medications. Our membership plans start at less than $1/day. 

Access For All

As experienced health care insiders and passionate outsiders, we saw the healthcare system for what it was with others — expensive, limiting, and overwhelming. That’s why we created Revive, to champion health care for all. 

Revive Healthcare
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Our Vision

We envision a future where every person, regardless of circumstance, has access to quality, affordable, simplified healthcare and the resources needed to live their healthiest lives. 

Do I Need This If I Already Have Major Medical Coverage?

Absolutely, traditional coverage leaves consumers with big gaps in care in the form of high deductibles and large copayments/coinsurances that consumers are responsible to pay out-of-pocket.  Revive covers 90% of those first dollar costs for our members through our offering, when paired with major medical plans.

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Is Revive An Insurance Product?

No, it is a subscription-based membership that provides our members access to free virtual medical appointments, mental health therapy, physical therapy, urgent care, prescriptions and so much more.


Is Revive Easy To Use?

Yes, it is super easy, and you receive timely access to quality care backed with high levels of customer service and advocacy.  There are no surprise bills, no claims to file or forms to complete for care. We make it easy for you!


Employer Healthcare
Online Healthcare Solutions

Does Revive Work in All 50 States?

Yes, access to care is available in all 50 States with your membership.

How Do I Get Started?

Whether you’re an individual or an employer you will find a program that fits perfectly with your needs and budget. Signing up takes less than 5 minutes, and our implementation team will guide you every step of the way. Not sure which plan is right for you? Take our 1-minute questionnaire powered by artificial intelligence.

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