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Employer Healthcare

Employer Plus Program

As a Revive Plus member you will have easy, timely, quality access to virtual medical and vision care, mental health therapy, psychiatry, dermatology, physical therapy and medications to help your employees live their healthiest life. 

Medical & Everyday Care, Made Easy

We make it easy to schedule appointments directly from your portal—whenever, wherever. Better yet, you have the option to see the same doctors and therapists every single visit. 

Individual Healthcare
Individual Healthcare

Medications Made Affordable

When you join, you will gain access to some of the most popular everyday medications and transferring your current prescription(s) is as easy as the click of a button.

Revive Medication Search

Can you get your medication for free (with your ReviveHealth membership)? Chances are, you can.

Revive’s mail order medications are currently not available in CA but will be coming soon.

Mental Health - Help When You Need It Most

Schedule a visit with a licensed therapist or psychiatrist where and when you need it with 24/7/365 access. 

Individual Healthcare


$ 49
  • Member must be 18+. Covers member + children ages 2-17. Sign up available 9/1.

Single Plus 1

$ 89
  • Covers member and significant other. Adult children 18-26 also covered. Sign up available 9/1.


$ 124
  • Covers member, spouse, and children. Up to 7 total members. Sign up available 9/1.