Reboot Your Age Program Matches Users with Health Care Providers Through New Partnership with ReviveHealth

RYA + REvive
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Great Age Reboot, Inc. Partners with ReviveHealth to Help More People Easily Access Virtual Health Care

CLEVELAND and JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Great Age Reboot, Inc., a leading digital health and longevity company, announced today its partnership with ReviveHealth, a virtual health care and medication service provider. The partnership matches Reboot Your Age users with primary care teams to monitor their longevity journey. The Reboot Your Age longevity program and app help users build healthy habits to live younger for longer. ReviveHealth nurse practitioners answer health-related questions, track biomarkers and lab reports, and manage a Rebooter’s progress while providing high-quality primary and mental health care.

“While the Reboot Your Age program is self-guided—with information, tips, and motivation from our founder, longevity pioneer Michael Roizen, M.D.—the most successful outcomes occur when a care team supports users on their journey,” said Corey Bridges, General Manager, Great Age Reboot, Inc. “Our partnership with ReviveHealth provides access to affordable and convenient health care providers who understand how the Reboot Your Age program functions. Further, those providers understand the success users can achieve by building daily habits involving diet, physical activity, sleep, stress management, and brain health. The ReviveHealth upgrade takes the Reboot experience to the next level, and we look forward to identifying other strategic partnerships that optimize the longevity experience for our users.”

How it works

To get started, consumers download the Reboot Your Age app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and enjoy a free 10-day trial. If a user chooses to subscribe to the Reboot Your Age program—monthly or yearly—they can easily upgrade their subscription to the ReviveHealth plan by visiting The ReviveHealth team walks Reboot users through the upgrade program and connects them with a ReviveHealth nurse practitioner.

“We are thrilled to partner with Great Age Reboot, Inc. to connect accessible health care providers to Reboot Your Age users anywhere in the country,” commented Jeff Bernhard, CEO, ReviveHealth. “Through our virtual primary care, mental health, and pharmacy benefits model, we deliver whole-person care for Reboot users as they focus on their preventive health. As users move through their Reboot journey, program subscribers will be able to meet virtually with a credentialed health care professional for well and sick visits.”


Reboot Your Age program
Reboot Your Age subscriptions cost $34.99 with a monthly subscription or $299.99 for an annual subscription, and anyone can get started with a free 10-day trial.

Reboot plus ReviveHealth upgrade
The Reboot upgrade to the ReviveHealth program costs an additional $26.95 per month and includes access to a ReviveHealth nurse practitioner as well as ReviveHealth’s full suite of virtual health care offerings, including prescription medications for more than 425 generic medications, free home delivery, and pharmacy consultation.

To get started on the Reboot Your Age program upgrade with ReviveHealth, please visit To explore ReviveHealth’s offerings, please visit

About Great Age Reboot, Inc.

Great Age Reboot, Inc. informs people about the medical advancements that will allow them to live longer and inspires them to prepare physically and mentally for more years of life. The company was founded by Michael Roizen, M.D., Chief Wellness Officer Emeritus of the Wellness Institute at the Cleveland Clinic. Using extensive and rigorous scientific data, the company built the Reboot Platform, which powers Reboot Your Age, a longevity program and app to guide users on a personalized journey to reclaim their prime years. To learn more, please visit and follow @GreatAgeReboot on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok. 

About ReviveHealth

ReviveHealth™ is an affordable health care subscription solution providing employees and consumers fully integrated everyday whole-person care, including primary and urgent care, mental health therapy, physical therapy, pharmacy benefits, and care solutions across all 50 states. Serving over 500,000 members, ReviveHealth™ offers customizable offerings for employers, plans sponsors, individualsassociations and affinity groups with plans starting at less than $1/day.

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