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Partnership: ReviveHealth and Great Age Reboot: Reboot Your Age


Do you want to reclaim your prime years to live younger for longer?

The Reboot Your Age app features a doctor-approved lifestyle program designed to help you build healthy habits so you can do what you love for longer.

The Program and Partnership:

Your age is just a numerical number, how you feel at each age is largely impacted by your health, outlook and level of activity. We have all seen the 85-year-old who still sky dives or the 72-year-old who went back to college and earned a Bachelor’s degree. We ask ourselves –  how do they do it?  Science shows that simple daily tasks can help us live younger longer. The Reboot Your Age app is powered by the latest longevity science and designed as an easy-to-follow program to help you enjoy life to the fullest. To take your Reboot journey to the next level with health care practitioner oversight, ReviveHealth is partnering with the Great Age Reboot team. 

The Reboot Your Age ReviveHealth Upgrade

Through Reboot Your Age, you’ll receive exceptional step-by-step guidance to building healthy habits that increase longevity and enhance your overall well-being. With quick and easy access on your smartphone and 5-10 minutes each day you will turn back the clock. At times you may have questions about your health or medications you’re taking. ReviveHealth offers access to Care Providers (team of Nurse Practitioners) that are available to speak with you about your health concerns, offer guidance on your Reboot journey and prescribe any necessary medications. As a ReviveHealth member you have simple and easy access to these providers through video consult or by phone. If and when you need prescription medications, ReviveHealth’s pharmacy program offers more than 425 generic medications at no cost to you.

Why wait? Sign up today and Reboot Your Age and Revive Your Health!