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Reboot Your Age With ReviveHealth

A powerful feature of the Reboot Your Age app is the connection between a provider and their patient. The Reboot Your Age program encourages your health care practitioners to monitor your progress. By utilizing ReviveHealth you’ll have a Nurse Practitioner who can support you on your Reboot journey.

Access For All

As experienced health care insiders and passionate outsiders, we saw the healthcare system for what it was with others — expensive, limiting, and overwhelming. 

Our Vision

We envision a future where every person, regardless of circumstance, has access to affordable, quality care and the resources needed to live their healthiest lives. That’s why we started Revive: to champion healthcare for all! 

ReviveHealth Practicare Program

$ 26
  • Primary care (Nurse Practioner)
  • 425+ generic medications
  • Free home delivery
  • Urgent Rx at Retail
  • Pharmacy discount card
  • Pharmacy Consultation

No deductibles or copays. Exceptional member experience, available in all 50 states as a stand alone or alongside major medical plans including QHDHP and H.S.A. plans. Children between the ages of 2 and 17 are covered for free with an adult membership. Please review our Privacy Policy for information regarding how we will protect your child’s information that you share with us. To make an appointment for your child
please follow the steps above under virtual medical care.

Revive Medication Search

Did you know your medication may be included in your ReviveHealth membership at no additional cost to you? Chances are, it is. Search for yourself and see!

Revive’s mail order medications are currently not available in CA but will be coming soon.


No, it is a subscription-based membership that provides our members access to free virtual medical appointments, mental health therapy, physical therapy, urgent care, prescriptions and so much more.

Yes, it is super easy, and you receive timely access to quality care backed with high levels of customer service and advocacy.  There are no surprise bills, no claims to file or forms to complete for care. We make it easy for you!

Yes, access to care is available in all 50 States with your membership.

Absolutely, traditional coverage leaves consumers with big gaps in care in the form of high deductibles and large copayments/coinsurances that consumers are responsible to pay out-of-pocket.