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ReviveHealth Solutions

ReviveHealth is a membership model that provides a bundle of medical and other health services that are delivered virtually. ReviveHealth is not an insurance plan, and we recommend that members consider a high deductible health plan to cover costly and unanticipated care expenses.

ReviveHealth is built on convenience. You have access to everything ReviveHealth provides from the comfort of virtually anywhere (provided you have internet access). That means no travelling to the doctor’s office and no waiting rooms. ReviveHealth can deliver your covered medications right to your home. Monthly memberships, for individual coverage, range between $28.50 and $48.50, meaning you pay less for all of the ReviveHealth™ services, than the cost of one doctor’s office or urgent care visit.

There are three ReviveHealth™ individual memberships, Value, Care, and Plus ranging from $28.50/month to $48.50/ month. All three options are less than the cost of a single doctor’s office visit, and as an added convenience your monthly membership can be set up on autopay. Your well-being is important, and at ReviveHealth we believe healthcare should be simple, affordable, and accessible. To receive the greatest benefit from your membership you should explore all ReviveHealth has to offer, including health coaching and mental health therapy. We also offer programs for Students and Employers. If you are interested in our programs for your employees, please contact us at 888-220-6650.

ReviveHealth believes that everyone should have access to healthcare, with the understanding that individuals have unique needs. That is why ReviveHealth has bundled the most popular services together creating affordable and comprehensive options, Value, Care, and Plus. Employers who wish to sponsor their employees are no different, based on whether an employer currently has an insurance plan or would simply like to add access to simple and affordable basic care. ReviveHealth has you covered with a Value, Care, or Plus offering. Check out our programs for Individuals and Employers and choose one that is right for you or your organization.

Yes, you may cancel any time prior to the next month’s billing cycle by contacting our customer support team. Please call 888-220-6650.

ReviveHealth provides several different services in your monthly membership. You have access to virtual primary, urgent (24/7/365) and pediatric care, virtual physical therapy, access to 400 of the most commonly prescribed generic medications included at no additional cost, a Brand Drug discount card if you need access to brand name medications, Mental Health therapy, Well-being coaching, personal self-help information and access to resources for Social Determinants of Health. Please click on the “products” link at the top of the page to see which offering is right for you.

Everyone! ReviveHealth offers affordable on-demand care that everyone can benefit from.

We offer convenient access to quality care at an affordable price, as well as fantastic benefits. Like traditional healthcare, you have an option to pick your virtual doctor for current and ongoing care. Approximately 95% of Americans face access to care issues. Most people wait months to see a primary care doctor or to schedule a mental health visit. ReviveHealth provides care that covers your basic care needs with access to Primary and Urgent care the same day and Mental Health therapy in 2-3 days. In addition, our medication list of over 400 generic medications are included as part of your membership at no additional cost. At ReviveHealth we know you will find our membership to be an excellent value for simple, affordable, and convenient access to care.

No, ReviveHealth is an Assurance product, not insurance. Please look at our product pages and you will see that most routine and basic care is covered under a monthly membership fee. Every person that purchases a ReviveHealth™ membership should also own a major medical insurance plan from your Employer, the Exchange or a Government issued comprehensive program. ReviveHealth is a concierge-level supplement to your comprehensive coverage. ReviveHealth™ memberships offer quick access to virtual primary, urgent and pediatric care, prescriptions services, Mental Health therapy, Flu Shots, Virtual Physical therapy, and other routine care. With quick and easy for your basic care needs, ReviveHealth provides our members with a level of security in accessing care when and where it is convenient for them.

As a Reviver, you have access to the Revive Marketplace, an online store with discounts on services and products that include things like, life insurance, auto insurance, electronics, clothing and more. In fact, you might save enough money on these purchases to pay for your membership!


Yes. The ReviveHealth team started with a simple principle: people need care that is simple, affordable, and accessible anywhere. Next, we created our program and then partnered with the highest quality, most reliable companies that deliver the services that met the goals of our program. Together, we have created a membership model that supports our mission by bringing our members tremendous value without breaking the bank.

When you use your ReviveHealth™ membership, we coordinate with our clinical partners on your behalf, so that your visits, with a ReviveHealth doctor, do not impact your traditional insurance. We also will partner with all major insurance providers to share secured utilization data to ensure care management and coordination of each member. Your monthly membership ensures that you have no additional out of pocket expenses for your virtual healthcare visits with a ReviveHealth doctor.

We have specific contracts with our provider partners that do not require us to pay them on a “per visit” basis. This means that we do not have claims that generate traditional bills. We just roll everything up into one simple monthly membership fee to make it easy for you. This is concierge level care that you deserve!

Your healthcare is personal, based on your medical concerns. This means that savings can vary from person to person. If you use your ReviveHealth™ membership and have a High Deductible Health Plan, your medication is covered by ReviveHealth for free, if it is on our list, allowing you to save on all out-of-pocket expenses for medications. This is also true for all primary and urgent care visits. If you currently do not have any insurance you can save on your medications, mental health therapy. primary and urgent care visits. For reference, an average primary and urgent care visit can cost upwards of $120 – $180. Your ReviveHealth™ Membership provides 12 Virtual Primary and 12 Urgent care visits per year. This is concierge-level care. You deserve it!

There is no catch. If you, or your Employer, pay(s) the monthly ReviveHealth™ membership, you receive all the benefits listed on our product page, based on the program selected. That’s it!

ReviveHealth is a concierge-level supplement to your comprehensive coverage.


Wellness for everyone

Concierge services when you need a little extra help

Medical Care

(Children ages 1-17 free with adult membership)

Pharmacy Care


Mental Health

Wellness and Health Promotion



Save $$$ on items that you might purchase every day, from electronics to insurance for your home and auto. Enrolling is simple and FREE

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ReviveHealth is now available in all 50 states! Were excited to support your well-being throughout the country.

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