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Access for All

As experienced health care insiders and passionate outsiders, we saw the healthcare system for what it was with others — expensive, limiting, and overwhelming. That’s why we created Revive, to champion health care for all. 

Our Mission

To provide trusted, simple, affordable solutions that improve consumers’ access to convenient healthcare and enhance a person’s overall well-being. 

Our Vision

A future where every person, regardless of circumstance, has access to affordable, simplified healthcare and the resources and support needed to live their healthiest lives. 

Online Healthcare Benefits

What We Believe In


We’re fed up with an antiquated system and demand an overhaul.


We stand for health justice and take action to help millions of underinsured people.


We act with integrity and always in the best interest of our members.


We focus on protecting people’s health through long-term, preventative wellness.

We All Need A Little Help Now and Then

We recognize that the need for care often takes second, third, fourth…place on the list of basic necessities.  Whether it’s access to food, childcare for kids, transportation, clothing, education, work skills, or job opportunities, ReviveHealth wants you to know, we understand.

Revive health

That’s why we have partnered with findhelp.org to help you find the resources you need. If that resource happens to be healthcare, ReviveHealth has you covered with affordable options, to receive virtual care for your basic healthcare needs, a list of free medications, mental health coaching, and wellness resources, and access to save on everyday items to help you with basic needs. If you are sick, providing for yourself and family is a challenge. ReviveHealth is here for your basic care needs so that you can focus on more important matters in life.

We Are Unique Because You Are You-Nique

Walk with me so that I may show you what I see. Listen with me so that I may help you hear what I hear. Spend time with me and you may soon feel what I feel. Imagine with me and we will envision a future in which we are unique and yet serve common goals. Work with me and we will create our future today. By accepting and celebrating our differences we welcome and foster an environment that is inclusive, recognizes experience and welcomes social diversity. Working together, we offer actionable solutions that give employees and individuals control over when and how they receive their healthcare to meet their personal needs and circumstances. At ReviveHealth we push the envelope to ensure quality, and affordable access to care so that others may live their healthiest lives.

Meet Our Team


Our team was hand-picked for their expertise and passion to make a real difference.

Jeff Bernhard

Jeff Bernhard

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Lerch

Stephen Lerch

Chief Financial Officer

Greg Licata

Greg Licata

Sr. Vice President of Product & Customer Experience